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Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts have become recognized as the best solution to lifting in a healthcare environment. The passage below is an excerpt from Audrey Nelson and Andrea Baptiste's' article "Evidence-Based Practices for Safe Patient Handling and Movement." "Nearly every nurse in the United States was taught manual patient handling techniques. This is despite the fact that these techniques are not evidence-based, have been found to be unsafe for the nurse and the patient (Corlett et al., 1993) and are banned in Europe (Corlett et al., Hignett et al., 2003). Sadly, an evaluation of current practices reveal that 98% of nurses are using the manual patient lifting technique known as the "Hook and Toss" method (also known as the Drag Lift) (Owen et al., 1995), which has been deemed unsafe since 1981."


P440/600 Portable Lift

The P440/600 is innovative, functional, and powerful, all with the smallest unit weight in the market of just 10.5 lbs!

Vandertrack II C450/C625

The Vancare C-450/625 fixed motor ceiling lift system delivers world class style, function and affordability.

Vandertrack II 600/800

The VANDER-TRACK™ II 600/800 ceiling lift is a complete lift, position and transfer system. At the press of a button, it will lift up to a maximum weight of 600 or 800 lbs.

Ceiling Lift Track Components

LifeCare Associates can configure your lifts' track to meet any needs you may have.

Ceiling Lift Track System

Let LifeCare Associates configure your custom lift system today with a Vancare Ceiling Lift Track System.

Free Standing Track Systems

Let LifeCare Associates show you how easy systems can be placed in your existing rooms.